Today I want to tell the world that the Saudi Arabia is a great place to visit and to do your business.

Here is Mr Noel, He is from Philippine , he have been in Saudi Arabia  since 1992.

I took with Mr Noel an interview about his experience in Saudi Arabia and his 28 years outcomes.

How long you been in Saudi Arabia? 

I have been here for 28 years, riyadh and jeddah.

What impressions and your expect did you have before you came to Saudi Arabia?

First impression is KSA is very strict country, boring and a hard life. (Misleading the Media ) 

 What is your outcomes and surprised you? 

It surprises me that it is all different from my expectation.

Where cities did you visit? 

Riyadh, jeddah, yanbu, al jouf, qatif, jubail

What differences did you see between Saudi Arabia and the Philippine ? 

The traffic and the weather.

What’s your favourite Saudi food?

Chicken Paham, Kabsa

I’m a citizen but I’m still waiting to get the corona vaccine,  Everyone in Saudi Arabia is equal regardless of their gender, ethnic or national origin. 

I know you are now immunised, Explain your experience ? 

Well i’m surprised i was scheduled right away even though I’m an expats. Procedures are defined and no hassle.

Any advice for people who want to visit Saudi Arabia as tourism or for investment? 

The Saudi Arabia is an excellent country to visit there are many different culture and places to make your good memories . also, the new strategies now make it easy to do your investments.

Would you come back?

Yes, i will miss this country and the people here are more friendly.

Finally, What is your opinion of the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia?

I think they are advanced and one of the best. you can do all your needs with no need to physically visit for any place. (Digital country)

Thank you Mr Noel for your time and I hope for you all the best in your life.

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Casibom · February 12, 2023 at 12:06 pm

Thank you great post .

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